Who Are We?

Sweethoney’s LLC is a lifestyle and creative brand, aimed to offer inspiration and encouragement through uniquely designed coffee mugs.

For as long as I can remember, my Aunt Mary (and all of her friends) called me Sweethoney. My mother said the day they brought me home from the hospital, Aunt Mary looked at me and said "That's my Sweethoney"---and it stuck! Even after Aunt Mary's passing, many family friends still refer to me as "Sweethoney".

Who is Aunt Mary?

My Aunt Mary was my everything. She was literally my best friend. If you ask anyone in my hometown of Corinth,MS they will tell you that Aunt Mary (or Red as some called her) was the most loving and generous person you would ever meet. Sassy for sure, but she would give her last dime to anyone in need. If you were fortunate enough to meet Aunt Mary, I am certain your life was touched in a major way. Growing up, my sister and I would stay with her while our mom worked by night and went to nursing school by day. It was during these years that I began to notice Aunt Mary's love for coffee, except she loved her coffee black! As I got older and went off to college, I would often come home on the weekends to visit. During our visits, Aunt Mary and I would go to the grocery store, the bank, and always make a stop for coffee (or we would brew our own). We would sit in the living room and sip our coffee from a little white mug with a saucer—super classy; all while catching up on the latest gossip! Those. Were. The. Days.

So yes, I credit my love for coffee to my Aunt Mary. Therefore, it is only fitting that I dedicate Sweethoney's to her! After all, she is my Aunt Mary and I am her Sweethoney!

Who is Sweethoney?

Welcome! I’m NaToya Rae, the face and vision behind Sweethoney’s, a lifestyle x creative brand. I have worked in Higher Education for the past 9 years and it is here that I found my passion. My purpose is to be a beacon of light and help others realize their potential and pursue things that make them happy. In 2015, I took my own advice and started Sweethoney’s as a means to uplift and encourage others while sharing my love for coffee, quotes as scriptures.

When not designing mugs or drinking coffee, I can be found curled in bed reading a good book, binge watching shows on Netflix, or
scrolling Instagram for funny memes.

Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you leave inspired!